Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Ok, first off am I the only one who thinks it's obnoxious how they keep explaining the policy over and over again as if the problem is clearly that I don't understand that I am a big scary criminal on the never ever to be forgiven list and I should just go away and stop trying to help out at my kid's school and just settle for showing up at parent teacher conferences, at event that anyone can show up at (but don't help out, we can't have you looking like a member of our community!) Maybe if they just explain again carefully just how unfit to be around children I am, I will shut up and go home with the rest of the criminals that were properly shamed into giving up.....
But also, I can't be the only one to notice that the screening policy remains unchanged yet this policy is blamed as the reason I am "ineligible" for a Professional Standards Committee Review, but the only reason I requested one is that was the process they put me through two years ago (supposedly under the same policies and guidelines)
So...am I to be screened like an employee or like a volunteer? And which was it two years ago when I was eligible for a review? And which part of the policy/guidelines changed to make me ineligible for that this year?
Take a minute. Help stop the nonsense!
Schools are in desperate need of volunteers.
Counties are actively turning away decent parents with social exclusion under the guise of "safety" while teaching kids that excluding others based on their background is wrong.
My crime was not violent and it did not involve children. Unless you count my stupid, immature self.
Habitual Reoffenders don't go 15 years with no new offenses.
Stop slamming the door in volunteers' faces and then wondering
why there aren't enough parents willing to step up and help out.
Look at your own numbers for volunteers/hours!
Do the math!

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